Krisztian Attila is a Hungarian born Adviser & Writer, Visionary.

He is the author of 2 books.


What is a professional?

Someone who doesn’t want to compromise,
who prepares and reflects.

He performed Commerce and Catering School, and later he studied general management.

With nearly 30 years’ hospitality experience, he worked in the background for various international companies, for example, ISS Danish international company with 500 thousand employees around the world. In addition, Krisztian worked for the Scandic hotel chain and IDA, Compass Group / Euro Rest firms too. He has nearly 25 years of experience in the field of business management and the Scandinavian culture while having the opportunity to learn about the Japanese business management and Japanese culture.

He actively watches the world economic and cultural news while having an innovative attitude towards changes. Both as a private individual and a “Consultant / Visionary” he strives to create more innovative environment.



Krisztian Attila, born in 1969, started to be interested in spiritualism at the age of 17.

“I was born in Hungary in the communist regime in a family where physical work was important instead of the intellectual knowledge. But this attitude was dominant in that mentality of the country. This atmosphere led me to complete the primary and secondary schools and the vocational school for catering. However, God was very gracious to me, as I was longing after the wisdom of the East, so I met the teachings of the best teachers early, such as Buddha’s teachings from a Japanese Zen master; I Ching (Book of Changes), etc. As long as I recognized the significance of this name in my life, I had read the teachings of people who were “enlightened”.

Subsequently, it is “unbelievable” how I could get in touch with teachings in such an environment where the intellectual wisdom was not important. Spiritualism, science and their integration in “real life” had been ongoing unconscientiously for a long time in my life. Later, started to realize that the things that happened in my life and wisdom I started to take over and use from spiritualism and science started to put themselves into their proper places just like puzzles. When I went through internal experience, someone or something came to me from an environment where I could prove my own established ideas.