„Art & Wisdom for Life.”

by  Silent Sage 

Drawing, painting, and visual communication has always played an important role in human history. Every society received arts and artworks that matched the level of consciousness of the individuals and the society (Dr David Hawkins – calibration of the levels of consciousness)

If you want to describe a famous artwork with words, you need many pages, even though it fills one page only. Therefore, visual communication not only requires different intelligence as the one built on linear thinking, but its ability of expression is deeper and clearer. If you are tired, it can be difficult for you to read many pages, but looking at a picture is not a problem. You may not be able to tell all aspects of the picture at that moment, but you understood the meaning of the picture emotionally.

In the context of the development of the human conscience, visual communication is getting clearer and soaring, while words are losing their power and authenticity in the context; words have never had the value that people vested them. A proof of that is that almost everyone has a smartphone with a built-in camera. There have never been so many photos in our history than in the last few decades. A few centuries before, mainly artists and people or branches of industry connected to arts used visual communication; today, almost everyone uses it.

Of course, whom the photo, painting or artwork is made by, its type and goal and what it intends to express make difference. It is important how its effect influences the life of the artist and how it sends an authentic message for the present and future generations.

It is my mission to introduce them in the most authentic way, not only in context connected to the past, but also by exceeding it. In addition, I would like to support every initiative and blossoming talented person who wants to join.