What you need is: Creativity

Book + Creative (task) diary

What is a professional?

“Someone who doesn’t want to compromise,
Who prepares and reflex.
Who never forgives himself unless his
Work is absolutely perfect.”

Atsuyuki Yamataka

Pediatric surgeon

Creativity in the light of something

“If we want to be more creative in everyday life or our profession, it is important that something happens in the light of creativity. In front of us there should be a mirror which can properly reflect on our attitude, the quality and the truth. These three things sometimes or often measure our creativity.”

“The essence of creativity and innovation is that every day we want to do something better and to become more satisfied. The demand for creativity and a positive result will not come by itself; it should be started even if we do not see the ultimate goal. There is neither any start nor any profit without trial and experimentation. If we try to be more creative and innovative in more and more areas, we begin to feel that our personal attitudes towards ourselves, our environment and everyday tasks become more joyful. Creativity should be derived from curiosity, joy and human values (for example, professionalism, justice, being a good man). This book is aimed at promoting these in the reader. If the reader begins to deal with even one of the book’s issues and integrates it into his/her life on a daily or weekly basis, he/she will detect a huge change after approximately 6 weeks. The mental change and the right mental attitude towards the task will also result that he/she will use them and his/her creativity in other areas.

I combined the book with a notebook which the reader can use as a task diary or a creative diary. The purpose of this is to inspire the reader to actively work with tasks, read, take notes, draw or write a creative diary. As the reader starts to use this book and the creative diary regularly, they can help him/her how to concentrate and deepen his/her creativity.”