The Intimacy of Presence – response to the Power of Now – is a unique artwork which aims to bring the so called spiritualism closer not only to those who do not identify themselves as spiritual but also for those who like literature and arts. This artwork is a combination of the Japanese literature and the “lingering expression” that is typical for the Japanese arts. Beyond this incompleteness, clarity, politeness and honestly completed work appear. It is up to the reader how he or she interprets the values of these lines. In reality, spiritualism is an authentic life where we face our experience, accept them and put them into a clearer space. This space can take shape in the form of thoughts, feelings, clearer human relationships or anything else in the profession. Donald Keene plays an important role in the book. He went to Japan as an American soldier. Thanks to his exceptional personality, he undertook a life path through which he introduced the Japanese literature to the world. It was also thanked to him that Yasunari Kawabata was the first Japanese writer to be awarded with the Nobel Prize in 1968.

The Intimacy of Presence – response to the Power of Now – brings in historical events in which human sufferings and responsibility were interpreted in different ways, from simple people to the diary of a soldier who later became famous or stayed unknown forever. What else could be more authentic spiritual teachings than the elevation of everyday events and people if we can get inspiration through them after decades passed? If an artwork can deepen tranquillity and intimacy in us and if the experts of literature and arts are able to take a bow to someone, then this person has become immortal. For me, Donald Keene is this kind of person, so when I started writing The Intimacy of Presence in such a context, I have undertaken a task that is not only elevating but also involves serious responsibility. I have undertaken this responsibility this way, because I believe that I can contribute to the peace of mankind with this artwork in an era that not only requires us to maintain peace but to live in the greatest understanding for the benefit of all creatures on Earth.

“Wisdom does not have to raise
or maintain itself by necessity,
as wisdom is created by time
and the circumstances.”

“The observance of nature,
whose every atom from our body is
a part of this cosmos, cannot be
experienced on the level of thought,
and it is totally meaningless if you
expect the unknown
not to cause any conflict in us –
sometimes or often.”

“Feelings belong to the heart,
thoughts belong to the mind.
As we are human beings,
we always want our thoughts
and feelings to be
harmonious and balanced.”


„Art & Wisdom for Life.”

  Copyright © Silent Sage by Krisztian Attila